Video Interview 9: Graham Pullin

In this video interview, Graham Pullin, Course Director of Digital Interaction Design, University of Dundee, reflects on the cultural differences between researching for academia and industry, the contribution interaction design research has made to conceptions of the social and the challenges of cross-disciplinary work. He also identifies three particular groups of people he is currently seeking to engage with at a deeper level in his research.

Graham also made a short position statement in which he discusses the relationship between two of our core themes: civic participation and health and well-being.

1 thought on “Video Interview 9: Graham Pullin

  1. appreciated this thoughtful take on co-creation and the power of making objects as a means of embodying complex social issues. Has great resonance for work we are doing with crafting and residents in Miners Court, an assisted housing unit in Redruth Cornwall. We are interested in the ways in which making not only unlocks storytelling but enables/support agency. Looking forward to meeting you at protopublics!


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