Video Interview 3: Tim Schwanen

In this short video interview, Dr Tim Schwanen, Departmental Lecturer in Transport Studies and Human Geography at the University of Oxford, talks about how design orientated research might engage more with the concept of temporality, the obstacles in developing research into policy and the contribution of the arts and humanities to his research field.

We also asked Tim to make a position statement in response to one of our core themes. He chose mobilities:

Video interview 2: Rachel Aldred

For our second video interview, we asked Dr Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer in Transport at the University of Westminster, to tell us about her research, the process of seeing research through to impact policy and the challenges in working as a sociologist within a transport department.

We also asked Rachel to make a short position statement response to one of our four themes (civic participation; public space; health and well-being and mobilities). She chose mobilities.

Video Interview 6: Alex Wilkie

In this interview, Dr Alex Wilkie,Lecturer in Design and Programme Leader MA Interaction Design & Director of Postgraduate Research in Design Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, talks about ‘putting pressure on the social’, the potentials in the interface between computational technology and politics and how he uses Actor Network Theory (ANT) in his work.

Alex also delivered a position statement in which he talks about our core themes of civic participation, health and well-being, mobilities and public space: