Video Interview 8: Dan Lockton

Dr Dan Lockton, Senior Research Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Centre, RCA, reflects upon research cultures in academia and design practice, the particular approach of design in relation to behaviour change and identifies local councils and communities as groups he is particularly interested in engaging with more in his research.

Dan also made a short position statement on civic participation:

2 thoughts on “Video Interview 8: Dan Lockton

  1. Hi Dan very interested in what you are saying about understanding the systems in which people live and operate, and how they understand these systems as a means of thinking about how to effect behaviour change. I am working with colleagues at Exeter University to design a project exploring how we might change (or the challenges here) people’s attitudes to sustainability and clothing – so that more people make/adapt their own clothes. We also work a lot with Voluntary Arts England in related projects. I think I may have met you at the Connected Communities event at the RCA last september. Looking forward to meeting you at protopublics.


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